Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekend Nachos Discography

Your mother is a disgusting vapid whore that is inhabited by terrible worm-like creatures that gurgle and smargle (smargle is a word right) a lot like Weekend Nachos' vocalist. This band mixes powerviolence, trad hardcore and even occasionally the odd sludge riff here and there. Listening to Weekend Nachos is a lot like grabbing onto a drunk and horny hellbeast as it charges through a mosh pit with its massive collection of 8 (count 'em, EIGHT) sets of barbed genitalia while a pile of the aforementioned worms slosh around inside its mouth like some sort of thick and wriggly vomit spilling all over hapless concert goers.

PS: Your mom is a SLUT

^ That's fucking right. All of it in one file. Download it you fucking dipshit or I will drive to your house and pile-drive your sister's asshole with a sledgehammer.

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