Monday, December 19, 2011

Interview with Josh from Discerned

First off I would like to thank you for doing the interview.

It's always a good opportunity.

What bands would you say inspire you the most?

Each member of the band has their own different thing going on musically rather than all listening to the same things (which I suppose more or less adds to our resulting sound), so I'll just attempt to summarise it. Adam (guitar) and Tony (bass) are essentially the lifeforce of the band's material, and pick up a lot on the following: Napalm Death, Converge, Rise and Fall, The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Redneck Manifesto, Boris, Advent, Brutal Truth, Trap Them, as well as other things that aren't heavy or fast in the least bit. Scott (drums) grew up listening to and playing punk for the most part, and seems to dig on bands like Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, RX Bandits, along with some Darkest Hour; I even found him listening to Cynic recently. As for myself, I take in highly from Converge, Napalm Death, Cursed, Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Shai Hulud, Die Young, Motörhead, and essentially anything with which Tomas Lindberg is involved.

What's the craziest show that you've played?

Easily, one of our first few shows as a band (under our old moniker, Rescuer) in early '08 at Jamestowne Hall in Saginaw, MI. It was some fest lined up with bands that we couldn't care less about at this point, but we had fun nonetheless. Considering how we were a new band, we didn't expect the response we received. Kids really went off; even a couple people were jumping off tables. Definitely a good moment to take home. More recently, our show with ACxDC in August was great, especially for returning from a hiatus. Besides that, we tend to have the most fun with house shows, regardless of the draw.

Michigan's local music scene seems to be reawakening as of late. Who
are your favorite acts in the mitten?

It's easy to say that we've been a bit disheartened by the oversaturation and exploitation of soulless, uninspired bands in Michigan over the past couple years, but since becoming more involved in the scene again, we've been opened up to a wave of extremely solid groups. Cloud Rat and Damages have been mainstay favorites probably since both of their conceptions. Aside from them, honorable mentions include Traitor, Tharsis They, Under Anchor, Beast in the Field, Xtra Vomit, Bruxism, Hedorah, Apache, Dredd, Frandy, Wells, Nosferatu Man, Swimsuit, Scum, and Steamroller. Disconnected and React, while not from Michigan (Toledo, OH to be exact), deserve a nod as well.

Can you tell me about Discerned's writing process at all? I know with
the band's that I've been in we usually get some sort of formula down
where some members are the ones with the riffs, others are the ones
with the knack for structure and pacing.

It's honestly not too different from that. Adam comes up with the majority of the riffs, Tony pans out the general structure of each song, and Scott does what he can to keep the rhythm from going stale; myself, I write all lyrics separate from the music (generally before the songs are even made), so that is mostly just about simple vocal placement more than anything.

So tell me about Rescuer. I wasn't familiar with you guys when you
were under that moniker. Was there a stylistic shift that prompted a
new name?

We started off with the simple idea of forming a hardcore band, because obviously the music was relevant to us, and in our local scene there hadn't yet been an active hardcore punk band to exist (at least to our collective knowledge), so we also partially wanted to do something new and expose it to (or alienate, depending on what seems more amusing) everyone into the dull, dull music that had been floating around here at the time. In the beginning, it started off as something akin to a slightly chuggier Carry On with more melodic riffs; nothing too special, but good times regardless. After a while, the material leaned more towards a Clevo-esque sound (à la Ringworm, Crucified, etc.; along with hints of Shai Hulud). Naturally, we were wanting to play faster, heavier, more intelligent songs. It reached a point where we ended up just taking a six-month break and reforming our sound almost completely, new setlist and all. We played a handful of shows using said set (while still under the same name), and eventually decided to record it all with our friend Ashton. There hadn't been a set title for the release, and I figured seeing as our current sound had been far removed from when we started, I prompted the band to see if they wanted to go under a new alias; to start on a new foundation, so to speak. The title choice was, as everyone can see today, a self-titled effort. The term 'discerned' itself was used to define ourselves as being a separate entity from what we were, as well as wanting to stand separate from what the rest of our most in the scene we were involved with were doing (at the time, at least). That's how we've come to be what we are now.

Your band seems to favor dark imagery what inspires that?

This is mostly an aesthetic choice on my part, as I do all the visual work for the band. Most of our musical peers seem to prefer evil, violent, shocking, or perhaps politically-charged imagery, which there's nothing wrong with at all. It's a staple of the underground. However, I'm a full-blown artsy person, and tend to enjoy more tasteful, gloomy, and evoking imagery; Madison from Cloud Rat even jokingly asked us if we were 'depressive black metal' after seeing a copy of our EP. It's also a way to visually stand out from other groups like us, so we aren't just another 'grind/crust/whatever' band or what have you to throw on the pile. Hopefully, at least.

What do you think separates you guys from the pack when it comes to
your type of music. I see more and more bands waving the flag for
d-beat and metallic hardcore these days since that beatdown crud went
out of style but a lot of these bands just don't have the piss and
venom that comes with the territory.

We tend to really focus on putting out music that suits us as opposed to trying to fall in line to a genre, subgenre, or 'wave' of things. To put it bluntly: we genuinely care about what we write and do our best to show that, as well as continuously attempting to expand on all efforts and grow from that. We hold standards for ourselves both as personal musicians and as a unit. As for the type of music we play and what separates us specifically: there are no claims or guarantees. We play what comes naturally, and if people happen to dig that, it's always a positive. If not, it isn't an issue. Listen to a different band. We're not shithead purists. Everyone has their own interests, and we can actually accept that. It doesn't halt us in the least bit.

Tell me about your lyrics. What's the message behind Discerned,
what're you trying to get across?

The lyrics tend be split perfectly between personal strife and socio-political issues. We all have our struggles, and I use the opportunity
to vent my own; cathartic, to say the least. It also can't be helped that a simple glance at the world will inform you that something is fucked up. Something is wrong, and most of the time no one acknowledges it with a sound mind. You will never find generic 'fuck the government' or 'my life is unfair' anthems in our material. Many of the personal issues revolve around subjects such as paranoia, 'ex-suicide' philosophy, anxiety, the occasional bridge-burning and inevitability of death; the social and political ones seem to cover more specific looks at obvious bases: religious fearmongering in children, zealous and biased agendas bent on violating human rights, condemnation of violence in the name of nations or faith, and ultimately crushing oppression of the individual.

I seem to get a definite blackened vibe from your stuff. Is that intentional?

Not really. While we all take an interest in black metal (Tony even has his own atmospheric BM project, Mammon),
it's never been intentional, although I suppose it tends to bleed into our material every now and then somehow.

Are there any big shows coming up that you'd like to tell people about?

Just the ones to kick off 2012. Beast in the Field, Nosferatu Man, Bruxism, and Traitor at the Blackened Moon in Lansing on January 6th; then Anguish (from NJ), Hate Your Guts (from CT), Retribution, Fight It Out, Traitor, and Bloodhound at Launch Board Shop in Ann Arbor the following day

How soon should we expect new recordings?

An EP is in the works for early next year, hopefully before spring hits. Four or five songs is the plan. We may do a split as well, but that's not quite settled yet.

Once again, I'd like to thank you for doing this interview. It's been
nice to get some insight into what you dudes are about. Are there any
closing statements that you'd like to share with the readers?

I should thank you. It's great to see the reception we've received from everyone in recent months. We went from the scene being apathetic towards whether we existed or not to a suddenly consistent demand for us to jump on shows and release things. It's great. But anyway, last words: at a show, buy merch, not booze. Also, Lemmy is god.

You can check out Discerned here and listen to their EP on their bandcamp.

Discerned is for Fans of: Iskra, Trap Them, Pulling Teeth, Shipwreck AD, Traitor and Skitsystem

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hedorah - Detroit

Crushing Sludge/Doom/Death from Detroit

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dishammer's blackened d-beat assault is crude, crass and dastardly fast. Their rough and raw sound will make you grind your teeth to a powder. Riffs and riffs and riffs and riffs upon riffs pour through your headphones and bore their way into your skull to thrash your brain. This is "Drink more beer, worship more Satan" music right here folks. You know you need it. I know you need it and Beelzebub knows that if you really enjoy it you'll find their shit and buy it.

Split with The Warwolves

Vintage Addiction

Rough Mix

Under The Sign of The D-beat Mark

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grave Miasma - Exalted Emanation

Grave Miasma deliver sickening death metal in the vein of acts like Incantation and Immolation. Sluggish rhythms slam their way through your head while the ghastly guitar tone rips your mind apart. Grave Miasma pull of the 'so-fast-it's-slow' mechanic really well and the tempo juxtapositions create a warp of pure death metal gravity; bone-crunchingly heavy. If you like show-no-mercy death metal Grave Miasma is for you. Pure darkness en musica.


For Fans Of: Incantation, Funebrarum, Cruciamentum, Disma, Dead Congregation

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffins - Ancient Torture

This awesome compilation features all of Coffins' rarer tracks from various splits and other limited releases. A must have for fans of this crushing Japanese Death/Doom band.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dephosphorus - Axiom

Ever wondered what would happen if Pig Destroyer became a black metal band? Well here you go. You have blisteringly-icy blackened riffs backed by pounding grind riffage and powerful percussion. The choatic production lends a lot to their thick sound as it brings out the chunkiness of their tone and allows them to accentuate the more rhythmic elements of their music. Their are a lot of things that they do right on this release and I've got to give them credit for having me upon my first listen. Keep an eye on this band in the future, they're onto something.


For Fans Of: The Secret, Anaal Nathrakh, Coffinworm, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Gaza, Deathspell Omega

Monday, October 31, 2011

Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves

Massive, shambling stoner metal that swings that riff-hammer without bias. This skull-slamming EP rips out the tasty licks and continues to bring the thunder from the moment that you bit play to the very last fuzzy second. Surprisigly these Polish dudes grasp the southern swagga better than most of the knuckle-draggers stateside that have turned stoner metal/sludge into the second coming of shitty groove metal. Here that is not the case. Blaze up and tune out, this shit is coming for your soul.


For Fans Of: Eyehategod, Bongripper, Grief, Seven Sisters of Sleep, The Sword

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Azarath - Blasphemers Maledictions

What is it about Poland that helps bands produce such great blackened death metal? There has to be something in their water. Azarath's new album blends Bathory-esque black metal with death metal from all over the map. This album is FAST but not to the point where it becomes incomprehensible. The pacing of the drums is met perfectly by the machine gunning guitars and commanding leads. Though don't worry this isn't some blast fest, the drummer does well enough to bring the more rhythmic elements of death metal percussion in to make some really great Immolation-esque stops and starts. This album deserves your time.


For Fans Of: Waitain, Immolation, Bathory, Deathspell Omega, Vader, Behemoth, Nightbringer

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Dead Youth - Writhing

Crushing death metal riffs played at sluggish speeds. The Dead Youth's music is a mixture of extremes encompassing everything that was on the extreme metal map at the time (well, except black metal). When they do break from their prehistoric pacing they do so without warning and break into blisteringly fast runs of shredding death.

I'm not doing this album any justice so you should just CHECK IT OUT!

For Fans Of Winter, Carcass, Doomed, Autopsy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cruciamentum/Vasaeleth - Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh

This split is easily one of the best to hit this year. Cruciamentum's side is 2 billion metric tons of ancient death metal destruction. With vocals remniscient of Rottrevore and Pillard-era Incantation you know this shit has gotta be the real deal. With creeping riffs that drone with a death-like patience coupled with gorgeous death, Cruciamentum bring their A-game on this split. The Vasaeleth side is pretty good but kind of a let down after the sonic ass kicking that Cruciamentum deliver. The riffs are all there and the songwriting is okay but it feels like they're going through the motions. I can still bang my head to it but their vibe is more bite than birth if you catch my drift.


I highly encourage you to pick this up if you like it. Not only is it inexpensive but the beautifully done packaging is a great addition to any collection and the sweeeeet purple/black splatter vinyl is definitely an added bonus. Jump on it while it's still out there.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Young and In The Way 'V'

Powerful blackened crust with sternum-snapping weight. Get your fill of the new shit here

For Fans Of: Leviathan, Weakling, Converge, Iskra, Martyrdod

Wanna here it on the go? NAB IT

Please order this record once it drops. They deserve your cash money.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ravencult's 'Morbid Blood' Full Album Stream!

Ravencult's newest offering is a great gem of blackened filth. The riffs come cold and razor thin through some of the best black metal production out there. If you haven't had a chance to pick the album up (because nobody's THAT dumb) you should listen to this mother fucker and find yourself a way to pick it up. Greek extreme metal reigns supreme!

For Fans Of: Watain, Skeletonwitch, Denouncement Pyre, (early) Deathspell Omega

Monday, September 19, 2011

Contagium - Archaic

Contagium launch themselves into the fray like a bull triceratops slamming into the gut of a rabid tyrannasaurus rex! Their charging pace keeps them limber while they deliver blistering metallic riffs and ghastly vocals. This shit's raw, now not intentionally 'raw' to the point of being unlistenable (like some bands that will not be named). This stuff really brings out that 'stenchcore' vibe and takes everything to the next level. You can hear all the influences; punk-era Neurosis, Amebix, Doom, Nausea and Stormcrow but you really get a nice treat when you dig deeper to hear that this band isn't about imitating the obvious (a trait that seems to be plaguing crust as of late). They definitely have their own vibe and deliver it in spectacular, scabby fashion.

This is battle music.


For Fans Of: Skaven, Stormcrow, Mammoth Grinder, Masakari and Mass Grave

Friday, September 16, 2011

Doomed - Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell

Doomed bring it all to the table with some quality death/doom. Sauntering rhythms lead you across a menagerie of serpentine riffs that ebb and flow like a river of burning tar. I can't give this shit a higher honer. Did I mention that it's comprised of members of Autopsy, Funeral, Death and Abscess? Yeah, the pedigree should speak for itself. Chris fuckin' Reifert.

For Fans Of: Bolt Thrower, Deceased, Autopsy, Cianide, Incantation, Mammoth Grinder and Rottrevore


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fell Voices - Untitled

Fell Voices have a brand of black metal very much akin to the likes of Weakling and Wolves in The Throne Room but manage to avoid being a copycat band. They definitely evolve WITTR's earlier demo/Diadem-era sound into something a little darker and raw, bringing memories of Judas Iscariot to mind (for some unknown reason). There's a good bit of atmosphere on this record but the majority of it comes from the guitar work rather than anything employed outside of the upfront musical elements. The riffs are epic in nature and definitely draw the listener into their grasp with meditative pacing and the gradual rise and fall of tension making the two tracks on the album fly by; great songwriting. The audible bass is also a bonus. I greatly enjoy the fact that the bassist has some very defined moments on this record (which sadly, is rare among black metal bands)

Having only heard them since I picked up this record the other night I can say that I'm decently surprised and I can say I'm pretty glad that I picked this baby up. Hopefully you'll like it enough to go buy it from them because this act definitely deserves your cash.


FOR FANS OF: Judas Iscariot, Wolves in The Throne Room, Weakling, Horna, Nightbringer

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nightbringer - Apocalypse Sun

Nightbringer's occult-focused brand of USBM whirls like a torrent of black energy; riffs intertwining and coming undone like a many-headed serpent writhing in its own coils. Raw production is great but Nightbringer doesn't let it ruin their sound; the mixing on this record definitely adds that old school, archaic vibe but at the same time it doesn't detract from the music. Nightbringer are doing black metal the way that it should be done in this day and age.

and if you don't like it you're probably ELITIST SCUM!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wolves in The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage

Wolves in the Throne Room's 'Celestial Lineage' is the final piece to the trilogy started by 'Two Hunters'. Their sound has now become an amalgamation of all the styles present on the records that preceded this release.

The expansive ambience plays out behind galloping drums and ethereal guitars with each piece slowly bleeding into the other. Slower doom-oriented passages juxtapose the staggering moments of near silence and grow into epic and triumphant crescendos of blackened glory, leaving the listener lost in the massive space created by the music.

Having listened to this record immediately after seeing them live brings a lot of perspective to the desired feeling at each part. I highly recommend seeing them while they're on tour with Thou where you can snag this gorgeous album before the release date.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Asunder - A Clarion Call

Asunder summons forth a megalith of galaxy-sized doom and dread that feels steeped in the very darkness of the universe. The perfect pacing and spacing adds so much to the gloom-ridden atmosphere of this record. The sound of guitars plodding over some of the best doom drumming out there permeates the entire album and saturates the listeners soul with pure and utter darkness. The vocals drift between monk-like chanting to the raspy call of some crypt fiend. Absolutely, positively one of the best bands out there right now. 'A Clarion Call' is highly recommended.

For Fans Of: Catacombs, Ahab, Thergothon, Eagle Twin

Your legs break under the CRIPPLING WEIGHT OF PURE DOOM

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Suma - Ashes

Suma's 'Let The Churches Burn' was one of my personal bangers for quite some time. It's got the slow stoner drone of Sleep with the heavy-hitting weight of bands like Conan and Sunn. Though don't be afraid, this isn't a drone doom album that's just going to consist of senseless filler, this record sports riffs out the ass. With explorative noise passages accompanying the destruction, how can a true lover of doom not stand in awe at Suma's craft. Very impressive.

For Fans of: Conan, Sunn, Electric Wizard, Grief, Winter


Diocletian Live at Rites of Darkness II

Great live recording of Diocletian from Rites of Darkness II on December 11th 2010. The recording was made by Vorfeed .

Download it in MP3 or FLAC

Circle Takes The Square - Rites of Initiation

So emotive hardcore legends Circle Takes The Square are back for another go. This time it's still pretty raw but clean and concise parts ebb and flow through the mix as usual. The song structures are chaotic and tumultuous but still deliver that raw punk fury. Turns out that this is only 1/3 of their new record and that the rest will be out in November! Well, we've waited 7 years for new music so what's a little longer? Download the 4 new songs below!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview with Traitor's Chris Friday

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Not a problem.

How did you and your band mates start making music together?

The typical answer: Our old bands fell apart. It began with two determined individuals who were looking for an opening to escape their dissatisfaction with the tiresome routine of "everyday" life and their past musical ventures. Then we became three. Then five, and then three again. Finally, after arduous lineup changes, Nate and Cody fell into our laps and everything just clicked.

What inspired you to combine black metal and hardcore. Bands like Iskra, Martyrdöd and Young and In The Way have long made such a combination the center of their sound. How are you doing this differently? What was your motivation?

It was something that just sort of happened. It just felt right. I feel that our sound is a healthy blend of what our influences are rooted in, which is black metal and hardcore punk, but at the same time, we also try to step outside of the box and touch on everybody's individual influences to try and capture a more unique sound. We don't try to limit ourselves. We just want to be the band that we've always wanted to hear.

Black metal is a very elite community. How do you think black metal fans will view your music? How do you think hardcore fans will view the black metal elements in your music?

I feel that we've been well received by black metal and death metal fans, but we've certainly raised an eyebrow amongst the "hardcore" community.

What are your favorite things about the black metal sound?

The raw, natural, dark energy it creates.

Being from the Detroit area, what do you think of the local music scene? More importantly what do you think of the current state of local hardcore music?

Michigan's weird. The majority of bands playing "heavy music" in this area tend to sound uninspired, bland, and rather unimpressive. However, there is a growing amount of people scattered across the state that are doing pretty fantastic things, i.e. Discerned, Bearfoot (we're putting out a 10'' split with them this fall), Isenblast, Dredd, Against the Grain, Steamroller, Damages, Shades of Red, Wells, Cloud Rat, Time to Deal, Come Out Fighting, etc. The list goes on and on.

The hardcore scene in certain aspects has succombed to being more concerned with keeping itself divided rather than establishing an overall community, but I think it's safe to say that this will pass over time.

I saw on your page that you guys dig on Neurosis. I'm a huge fan of their music. Do you find yourself incorporating any elements of their sound into your music?

There's definitely a strong Neurosis influence on the newer material we've been writing. We wanted to experiment with a more atmospheric and sludgy sound than we have been on our past releases.

What current artists out there inspire you guys the most?

As a whole, I'd say everybody's influenced by Converge and Scandinavian metal/punk, but individually, we're kind of all over the spectrum. Nick (vocals) is really into NYHC and early 90's and early 2000's metalcore, stuff like Starkweather and Merauder. Nate (guitar) is a total black metal and death metal junkie. I'm (Chris, guitar) mostly influenced by black metal and d-beat/crust punk. Jeremy (bass) is a post-rock/post-metal enthusiast, and Cody (drums) is essentially a parallel to Nate, but he cites Metallica as being his biggest influence growing up.

Are there any words that you'd like to share with all of the young musicians out in the Michigan scene right now?

Not necessarily, but thank you for the opportunity to do this interview.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Another discography post? You must be off your fucking rocker kid! Well, it's fucking Stormcrow so sit back and shut your mouth before the stench settles on your teeth.

Let's all be honest, what the fuck is stenchcore? I don't know and to be honest, I don't care but if it's what Stormcrow sounds like I'm all in. Stormcrow add a lot of metallic elements to their music and bring it all together in a very nice package. There's some doom, some thrash, some sludge, some death; it's all there with that crust perforating its battle-hardened backbone. Sadly they're no longer playing together.

Enslaved in Darkness

Stormcrow/Sanctum Split

Stormcrow/Skaven Split

Stormcrow/MassGrave Split

"Sacred Death" Stormcrow/Laudanum Split

Stormcrow/Coffins Split

The highlights include "Enslaved in Darkness", their split with Skaven and their split with Coffins. It's all good but these are the ones that get continuous play from me.


MassGrave are a grinding crust band from Canada and over the years they've managed to hone their crust craft into a force to be reckoned with. Face-bashing beats, gnarly riffs and inhuman vocals bring the package all together. Jam this shit and burn your money because where we're going the rich are all dead in the fucking gutter!

"Survival of The Richest" Split with Catheter

MassGrave/Warfair? Split

People Are The Problem

MassGrave/Pretty Little Flower Split

"Victims of a Bong Raid" MassGrave/Poser Disposer Split

MassGrave/Think Don't Prey Split

5 Years of Grinding Crustcore


MassGrave/In Disgust

Warcollapse - Divine Intoxication

Warcollapse combine elements of crust, raw Scandi d-beat punk and grind. You can definitely hear the Napalm Death influence flowing through their guitar work and vocals while the driving drumming is (as always) accredited to Discharge. Great, powerful crust that drives itself with great beats, engaging vocal dynamics and a great message.


Young and in the Way

This band is tearing shit up in the best ways. Get over here and listen to their shit at full blast for free! Then you can head over to Headfirst Records to grab their new 7", A389 for their re-releases of 'Amen' and 'I Am Not What I Am' OR you can buy all of that and more RIGHT now straight from them over this bandcamp page. Support something awesome and pony up some of your fun money for good music.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Young and In The Way/Torch Runner Split

First I'd like to comment on this split's beautiful packaging. The outer sleeve's artwork is great for both sides and the inner picture is haunting as fuck. The liner notes look silk screened, the grey ink on the black stock paper looks and feels great to the touch. Well worth my money and WELL WORTH yours.

The Torch Runner side of the split starts up with a song that finds them trying to bite on some blackened crust but delves into a slower drive that build up into the next track where they reveal their blistering speed and throat-ripping vocals at full tilt.

Young and in The Way's side starts off with 'Rehash', a ripping track full of great riffs and a great weight to it. I'll probably be screaming "I've got your name!" at the top of my lungs for days to come. 'Provenance' opens up with a face-ripping speed and ends with slowed intensity but never abandoning that fire. Without a chance to breath you're introduced to 'Death' the slow and tortured epilogue to this side of the split. Short sweet and sludgy, it ends with a haunting soundscape that I can only equate to the noise you hear when you OD on monk's hood.

Once again this split is well worth your time and money. Great music, short and sweet with no frills. Buy it here.


Young and in the Way - I Am Not What I Am

Yound and in The Way's brand of metallic crust is one that seems to be spreading quickly. Taking hints from Iskra and Martyrdöd they combine their charging crust not with the predictable european black metal sound but instead concoct a might brew with distilled elements of bands like Leviathan and Judas Iscariot, favoring the raw USBM sound over anything else. The ripping riffs collide and separate with ethereal consistency without abandoning the piss and vinegar of their intial attack. Great songwriting, great riffs; great punk fucking rock. Get into it.

Let them HATE, so long as they fear.

For Fans Of: Traitor, Martyrdöd, Converge, Iskra, Trap Them

Dopethrone - Demonsmoke

Ever wondered what Eyehategod would sound like if they had Attila Csihar as their vocalist? Well this is your dream come true! Dopethrone take EHG's brand of NOLA hatred and imbue it with demonic fire from the depths of the deepest bong load. Their riffs slug it out over groovy-as-fuck drums that drive the entire thing straight over the top. Pure doom bliss for those of us who like the slow 'n' heavy.

For Fans Of: Grief, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, BuzzOv*en, Bongripper


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tsjuder - Kill For Satan

Tsjuder rip out of the cold landscapes of Norway with a great piece of black metal fraught with cold (but still devastating) guitar tone, great vocal dynamics and drums that avoid the BLASTBLASTBLASTBLASTBLASTBLASTBLAST trap that many bands of their ilk seem to fall into. With riffs that seem to be a tad bit death metal inspired they're not afraid to forsake haunting melody/ferocity for rhythmic passages that pummel. Great band. Looking forward to catching them at MDF this year.


For Fans Of: Beherit, Black Witchery, Gorgoroth

Morta Skuld - Dying Remains

Morta Skuld always seem to be one of those bands that people overlook when it comes to 90's death metal. Their sound isn't occult in nature or really all that 'brutal' but they do play a highly potent blend of death metal that definitely makes them stand out from the crowd. Their ability to craft unique and engaging riffs is second to none. Did I mention the sick guitar tone on this album? Basically, if you can imagine a shovel digging into graveyard dirt you have a good idea what they sound like. Grab it. Listen to it and buy their new comp on Relapase entitled 'Through The Eyes of Death' to get your hands on some of their crucial demo material for the first time in almost 20 years!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Michigan bands that deserve your support

In this day and age it's hard to find bands worth your time. With rising gas prices deciding who you want to go support usually shorts out the locals because you figure "Oh, they'll be around. I can catch them again." But it's that very school of thought that damages our local scene. There are great bands that you can see all the time and support and these bands are deserving of your support because of the thankless work that they put into constructing great music for their community.

Beast In The Field


(Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery)

Nurse Ratched
(Stoner Grind)


(Black Metal)

Shit Life

Burn The Hearse

Pig Champion Needs Support!

Our friends in Pig Champion need your help in order to record their next record! Support these dudes, not because we ask you; but because they deserve it. Lend a helping hand to good music. If you were in their position, you'd want the same thing from your scene. SUPPORT!

Donate here! Every dollar counts!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hedorah is a sludge spewing deathbeast based out of Detroit Michigan. Created to combat the dying heavy music scene and those that seek to pervert it with synthcore heresy. The staple of their sound: screaming tube amplifiers, low-slung doom/sludge riffs and face-ripping death and grind infusions. The sound is simultaneously modern and still archaically occult in nature. Loud fucking riffs played with power; the way heavy music is supposed to sound.

I'm assuming that if you regularly check or read this blog that you'll enjoy our music.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crucifier - Stronger Than Passing Time

Crucifier wields a multi-faceted weapon; one that hits hard with faceripping riffs and at times, traditional melodies that cut through the chaos to ring out in triumph. The blend of black metal and death metal on this record is damn near a perfect mixture. Great songwriting keeps everything moving forward while the record stretches out to embrace other influences such as doom and more down-to-earth thrash. This album manages to do very well to encompass all the niches in the extreme metal family tree without forcing it.


Disma - Towards The Megalith

No colorful bullshit for this release. Savage death metal shat forth from the primordial depths.

For Fans of: Incantation, Rottrevore and Imprecation


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blaspherian - Infernal Warriors of Death

Blaspherian manage to distill all the awesome aspects of classic death metal and blend them together without falling into the pitfall of sounding like a worship band. Their main influence definitely seems to be Incantation at first glance but as the record unfurls more of their roots begin to show. Devastatingly gruesome riffage and top notch drumming bring the album to the front of the pack for this year. For you production elitists out there you'll be pleased to know that there's no overproduction here but at the same time the album is by no means underproduced. You can hear every instrument working independently if you give it an attentive listen but if you're just throwing it on everything still maintains that brutal wall-of-sound vibe of older records.


For Fans Of: Incantation, Immolation, Diocletian, Dead Congregation, Rottrevore

Monday, May 23, 2011


Grotesque Infestation is a fantastic blog that gathers together early 90's death metal records and old horror movies (like bangers akin to From Beyond) like no other place I've seen. If you like old school and brutal this is the place for you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Lows - Harvest of The Carcass

Another shining example of hardcore done right; noisy, no faux aggression, no tough guy 'beatdown' bullshit and no fuckin clean singing. This is a record that opens up like a typical day in Boston; a tumultuous shitfest of pissed screaming (because who wouldn't be pissed that they had to live in Boston). The drums clobber their way through your facial bones while the savage guitars sway and slam across the entire record with enough piss n vinegar to make any typical vocalist fall behind. But that's not the case here; we've got throaty yells, gnarly screams and some great moments that really make their vocalist the alpha dog of this pack. Great hardcore for those of us out there who don't normally touch the stuff.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Been a while since I've updated (without it being removed), so I thought I'd treat you guys to some of the ol' slow'n'grimey. Galaxicon seems to be a relatively young band from anything that I can tell, their earliest material that I can find being from 2010. They've got a nice ethereal doom sound reminiscent of Unearthly Trance and slower High on Fire. But the fun doesn't stop there, they've got some death metal vocals that sneak into the mix and tear shit up; the best example is mid-way through their track 'Rapture of The Deep'. This young band from Tennessee shows a lot of promise so keep an eye on them. Pound some Jack and blast these jams.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lapse - Demo 2010

Raw. Powerful hardcore drenched in battery acid. Think Dropdead and Assuck getting into a brawl in a recording booth. I won't waste your time with a bunch of colorful bullshit.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Ghostlimb - Infrastructure

Ghostlimb is back with a vendetta against pussified melodic hardcore! Just because you work melody into your music doesn't give you an excuse to take the piss out of it. Ghostlimbs shows kids what's up with 10 megaliters of piss'n'vinegar pulsing through rusted veins comprised of haunting melodies, gnashing riffs, tasty beats and throatshredding vocals. Absolutely essential for those of you who like hardcore.


For Fans Of: Trainwreck, Comadre, Glasses and Dangers

108 - 18:61

The zen of noise is one not often explored by those with weak kung-fu. For those of you that frequent this blog, I assume your kung-fu is rather strong. Well in that case I think you should be able to ride the hip-swingin' sounds of 108 and their brash noise rock attack. The riffs rip, the vocals croon and crack, the drums pound at your temples like woodpeckers robotrippin' their beaks to goo. You know what I mean. Spark up, tune out and zip-line your mind straight into this rabid jungle of lovely jingles aimed at your inner housewife.


For Fans Of: Young Widows, Jesus Lizard, Oxbow, Daughters and Fang Island

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indian - The Unquiet Sky

In anticipation for their upcoming release I've decided to throw this bastard up on here. A savage slab of sick sludge spewed slowly through your speakers. The suffocating ambiance, 2-ton riffs and Neurosis-style drummer really give this band their edge. They aren't afraid to draw tricks from the funeral doom coffin but don't exactly make it a dead give-away in their sound. Their sludge roots shine through tectonically huge riffing and shrieking vocals. Heavy.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nominon - Monumentomb

Fuzz drenched guitars churning through decaying bodies like massive rusted meat-grinders, tight-as-fuck drums jackhammering their way through your skull and ghoulish growls calling out from behind this sonic fortress of death and destruction. There's no better way to describe Nominon's 'Monumentomb'. If you're looking for a little bit of everything in your death metal then this definitely it. You have the cleanliness of newer productions mixed with old-school atmospheric charm, Morbid Angel-worshipping riffage with the occasional nod to Demigod and Incantation. It's not primal and it's not filthy but god damn is it good fucking death.

This for all of you SCREAMING FOR DEATH

For Fans Of: Morbid Angel, Demigod, Revolting and Interment

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Impetuous Ritual - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence

Have you ever wished to taste the forbidden knowledge that lies outside of existence? Have you ever wanted to drift weightlessly through hellish holes of blackness and screaming sine waves? Impetuous Ritual offers you all of that and more. Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence molds the deafening roar of the likes of Portal with the blasphemous cantrips of Incantation, Disembowelment and Immolation. The arcane atmosphere dissolves into pure chaos as the guitars create a cacophonous din of pure otherworldly animosity. There is no other emotion here, there is only terror. The wild fjords of space give way to blasting drums and horrific vocals that conjure nameless things from the walls of eldritch sound slithering forth from your speakers. Pure evil.


For Fans Of: Portal, Profanatica, Incantation, Encoffination, Ulcerate and Gigan

Lake - Let's Build A Roof

Any of you that know me moderately well (or even very little) should know that I'm a big Adventure Time geek. Well after having the song from the credits stuck in my head for what seems like forever I finally got the gumption to go out in search of the soothing sounds that accompany the end of my favorite cartoon (that's right cartoon, suck a fat one if you think that ain't metal). Well I finally came across Lake and their album Let's Build a Roof and while I'm never big on the indie sound this album is awesome. You have beautiful guitar parts that seem to build up a dreamy atmosphere while the gorgeous female vocals shimmer through choruses and ethereal keyboard passages. If you need some good chill music then I guarantee you'll find everything in order here.


For Fans Of: Arcade Fire, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Flaming Lips and The Antlers

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Masakari - The Prophet Feeds

Sadly every genre is prone to compromise, as of late crust has been home to some posers that would rather play poor on the weekends and only make sacrifices when its convenient for their image. Well Masakari have emerged as another reminder that as long as there are corrupt people in power, there will be people so fed up and pissed that they have to take it out on the world with disgusting music. The Prophet Feeds weaves a ghastly, crush-a-tonic monstrosity fraught with heavy atmosphere, devastating riffs, ghostly leads, d-beat drums and hectic pacing. If you're looking for something to get your blood pumping then this is definitely something to check out.

Get Pissed

For Fans Of: Stormcrow, His Hero Is Gone, Black Breath and Converge

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fister - Bronsonic

Charles Bronson is a bad mother fucker, and now he's overthrown Satan himself to bring you some bong-ripping doom laden with blackened atmospherics and EyeHateGod worship. Bronsonic is a good example of a new band putting their best foot forward into the crowded fray of modern sludge bands. The more and more that form, the more convoluted and bastardized the genre becomes. Luckily Fister are here to kick everyone's ass back into gear. Imagine if you will a healthy mixture of Dopethrone, Take As Needed For Pain and Suma's Let The Churches Burn; this shit rips. Fister blurs the line between sludge and doom with big riffs and nasty-as-fuck gnarly noisework. If you're looking for something to spark up to or maybe just need a good bit of music to put on at your next black mass, then this is it.