Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dishammer's blackened d-beat assault is crude, crass and dastardly fast. Their rough and raw sound will make you grind your teeth to a powder. Riffs and riffs and riffs and riffs upon riffs pour through your headphones and bore their way into your skull to thrash your brain. This is "Drink more beer, worship more Satan" music right here folks. You know you need it. I know you need it and Beelzebub knows that if you really enjoy it you'll find their shit and buy it.

Split with The Warwolves

Vintage Addiction

Rough Mix

Under The Sign of The D-beat Mark

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grave Miasma - Exalted Emanation

Grave Miasma deliver sickening death metal in the vein of acts like Incantation and Immolation. Sluggish rhythms slam their way through your head while the ghastly guitar tone rips your mind apart. Grave Miasma pull of the 'so-fast-it's-slow' mechanic really well and the tempo juxtapositions create a warp of pure death metal gravity; bone-crunchingly heavy. If you like show-no-mercy death metal Grave Miasma is for you. Pure darkness en musica.


For Fans Of: Incantation, Funebrarum, Cruciamentum, Disma, Dead Congregation

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coffins - Ancient Torture

This awesome compilation features all of Coffins' rarer tracks from various splits and other limited releases. A must have for fans of this crushing Japanese Death/Doom band.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dephosphorus - Axiom

Ever wondered what would happen if Pig Destroyer became a black metal band? Well here you go. You have blisteringly-icy blackened riffs backed by pounding grind riffage and powerful percussion. The choatic production lends a lot to their thick sound as it brings out the chunkiness of their tone and allows them to accentuate the more rhythmic elements of their music. Their are a lot of things that they do right on this release and I've got to give them credit for having me upon my first listen. Keep an eye on this band in the future, they're onto something.


For Fans Of: The Secret, Anaal Nathrakh, Coffinworm, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, Gaza, Deathspell Omega