Sunday, October 31, 2010

Electric Wizard - Black Masses

All of you Doom freaks have been patiently awaiting the arrival of our sonic messiah: The Electric Wizard. He comes from on high with an extinction-level wave of feedback, a legion of snarling riffs at his feet. This album doesn't fail to deliver in any sense. If you're already familiar with the band, you know what to expect. Closing with a tale from our recurring anti-hero, Drugula; you know it's gotta be good.


Smoke Weed E'ery Day

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mammoth Grinder Discography

If a band were to ever become the embodiment of pure heaviness, it would be Mammoth Grinder. Sledgehammer riffs swing over wrecking ball-like drums with one intention: to devastate your eardrums. With influences like Evoken, EyeHateGod, Neurosis, Iron Monkey and Dismember you gotta know that they're not fucking around. There will be no mercy, nothing short of utter and complete destruction.

Prepare your anus

Mammoth Grinder Goes To College

No Results EP

Rage And Ruin

Split w/ Legion

Extinction Of Humanity

Obsessed With Death

2010 Tour Tape

Split w/ Hatred Surge

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kill That Cat's new blog up and running!

For anyone that loves AMAZINGLY recorded live footage of your favorite bands this is for you. The videos that this guy puts out are of some of the best out there; killer sound/video quality, great angles and just an all around good dude. You may know him for his work with Intronaut and Skeletonwitch for their in-studio vids and other live peepshows with the Mastoboys, Ghoul, Eyehategod, Leechmilk, Napalm Death and the rest of his impressive roster.


HIS TWITTER (if that's yer thang)

Denouncement Pyre - World Cremation

Blackened Death Metal from Down Unda'h. These guys mix the trem-picked madness of Incantation with the raw chaos of old school Black Metal. This album stops at nothing when it comes to bringing you to your knees with evil concentrated into riff form. Track after track inspires images of war and the fiery depths of the abyss. Vocals seethe with vulgarity as they slither over the thorn-covered guitars. This album contains what a lot of Black Metal-influenced acts lack, a to connection their roots and great song-writing dynamics. A must-have metal release for 2010.


Mercy - Witchburner

It's Halloween time which means it's time to jam all things doom and gloom. If you're a fan of Candlemass then you've gotta know about Mercy: their vocalist's former project. Heavy riffs intermingled with haunting vocals and tales of witchfinders and warlocks; for this season, there's SCAREcly (harr harr) anything better. Pull out yer D20 kids, it's time to slay some fuckin' sorcerers.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mike Dickson of Masticator NEEDS YOUR HELP!

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If you've got a little spare cash, anything helps.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Funrebrarum - Beneath The Columns Of Abandoned Gods

This band is definitely a sum of its parts. Featuring members of Assuck, Infester AND Evoken these brash mother fuckers brings out the big guns with some of the most EVIL sounding Death Metal around. Mixing the vocal styles of their other bands while making a streamlined Incantation/Rottrevore/Infester-hybrid they emerge with one of the most frighteningly heavy pieces of Death Metal I have EVER heard. Absolutely punishing in every aspect, the guitars have PERFECT tone while the vocals conjure up some of the most unabashed blasphemy. Get this fucking record before it sneaks into your house to kill you and your family!


Mandatory - Adrift Beyond

Do you ever wish that someone would come along and mix the technical prowess and strained growls of the mighty Pestilence with the heavy-guitar swinging ballsiness of Morbid Angel and Infester while still adding their own juice to the brew? Well you've got your wish. This record is an all out onslaught on the senses. With an unforgiving low-end, this album not only has some of the best Death Metal production I've ever heard it avoids the classic pitfall of sounding too 'flat', 'small' and 'thin'. This record carries with it a gargantuan hammer-like atmosphere. If you fancy yourself someone who enjoys both newer and older Death Metal, you need to get this. 2010's metal list just got a little longer and it has made room at the top for these hierophants of heaviness.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


A band with some of the best eerie atmosphere around. Grim guitars slither over a tumult of drums while cantrips slip from the lips of witches and warlocks alike amidst the cacophony of rattling chains and tolling bells. This band has combined the fire and brimstone approach of the likes of Incantation with the doomy aural onslaught of Funeral and Ahab. Their debut EP was a valiant effort to blend the new and old into something a bit more whole-sounding than most of the shitty Incantation-worship bands that are beginning to plague the scene more and more these days. Riffs crawl out of your speakers like blight-white spiders, spinning heavy webs of ambiance. Great new band.

Temple Descends Below The Earth EP

Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh LP

Seventh Temple Of Laodicean Scripture EP

Beyond Hell - The Sleeper Awakens

Beyond Hell is another great piece of the 'Weird Tales'-stylized canon that surrounds some of the better bits of Death Metal being released at the moment. Each track stinks of old ink, cheap comics, mothballs and things most unearthly. From the haunting opening to the thunderous finish, this album is a solid chunk of goregasmic rapture. If you're looking for variety, this isn't the place; what this album lacks for in the originality department it more than makes up for with riffs and grim atmosphere. A fun Death Metal record to toss on during that Halloween season for all you girthy Halloweiners.

DID WE MENTION: It comes with their sold out EP '...And Evil Crept Through'?


Featuring Members of: Decrepitaph, Shrouded, Tombstones (USA), Festered, Encoffination, Scaremaker and Loathsome.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cough - Ritual Abuse

As I write this, I hear the sound of brain-synapse-stopping Doom/Sludge pour through my speakers. Dinosaur-like guitars stumble their way through a stone hall of tortured vocals like some sick mixture of Khanate and Electric Wizard. This bong-shattering record opens up with one hell of a headbanger. This is all-out Doom and destruction at its finest. Absolutely crushing.


Vulture (Pennsylvania)

After scoping out a sick design on Nev's (Who does rad artwork by the way) page I had to check these dudes out. After a little digging I came across their myspace and holy fucking SHIT are their tunes good (so good that I'm feeling rather inarticulate). A swirling mixture of Howl, EyeHateGod and Pentagram; this band spins out of control like a wheelchair-bound kid pushed onto a melting ice rink. Sick up-and_coming band. They deserve your support.


Buy their EP HERE

Monday, October 11, 2010

Unearthly Trance - V

Unearthly Trance's newest offering is nothing short of a hammer-swingin' Doom machine that leaves nothing but rubble in its wake. Titanic drums plow through thick slabs of guitars while the vocals recite cantrip-like passages out of 'The Big Book Of Doom'. These dudes come packing the thundah with nothing short of some of the heaviest riffs known to man. Each note is hand-soaked in a spidersilk/titanium mixture which is then introduced to pure dark matter. The resulting gravitational clusterfuck produces a noise that sounds an awful lot like 'V'.