Saturday, April 10, 2010

Napalm Death - Scum

The classic Grindcore act has become a legend amongst heavy music veterans. I won't butter this up since it's a simple request from a friend so I'll just get straight to the point and post the link.



Mastodon Discography

I know it's everywhere out there and plenty of people have posted links to them in the past but due to a few requests I've gotten around to making a post for these dudes.

What more is there to say; they've got everything you want from a metal band: Vikings, Moby Dick, Captain Ahab, Satan, Monsters, Dinosaurs, Werewolves, Astral Travel and all manner of batshit insane adventure. Their cinematic style of metal always lends itself to the story it's telling.

Remission 320 kbps Part 1
Remission 320 kbps Part 2

Leviathan 320 kbps Part 1
Leviathan 320 kbps Part 2

Blood Mountain 320 kbps Part 1
Blood Mountain 320 kbps Part 2

Thanks to Drowned out Sound for the links above

Crack The Skye 320 kbps

Call of The Mastodon 320 kbps (Password: robixxx)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Year of No Light - Nord

There are a lot of bands out there that are trying to be "experimental" right now; bands that just rehash and bastardize what other people have done. Many bands in the metal community right now have taken to the idea of mixing Shoegaze with their music and few bands have outside of Neurosis, Isis and Alcest have pulled it off to this extent. Nord is a volatile mixture of Sludge, Drone, Black Metal, Shoegaze and hardcore. Blistering guitars suddenly take flight into a foggy realm of dreamlike wilderness as the physical repeatedly slips in and out of the ethereal. This record is an unreal journey in its entirety; encompassing many genres and blending them with such finesse that it's hard to see why this record is so overlooked.



Monday, April 5, 2010

Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites

Rosetta has sat on my hard drive for quite some time; 2-3 years I do believe. Occasionally I would pop them on and give them a try, riding their riffs and surfing through their tides of ambiance but only recently after the 'Great Bearded One' notified me that their 'The Galilean Satellites' release is meant to be played with both discs in unison did I really become interested. Sure Neurosis and Boris have done it before (and with FANTASTIC RESULTS!) but this still peaked my interest. Sure enough I popped this on one day in the proper manner and I was blown away, a few seconds in and I was wowed to the point of shouting to my girlfriend over the blaring guitars. I immediately purchased it before the first song was over. For people that are tired of the conventional "Post-Metal" (hurr durr hipster) borefest I suggest you pick this up; it does what this whole genre is known best for without becoming trapped in the pitfalls that have ensnared so many other NeurIsis clones out there. This record is a monument to sound.

This album is comprised of two parts; disc 1 (Sludge Riff-a-thon) and disc 2 (ambient backdrop) and when combined they tell an epic story of space travel which is continued on Wake/Lift.

Recommended for fans of: Supercontinent, Tephra, Isis, Neurosis and Year of No Light

Download Disc 1
Download Disc 2