Friday, January 7, 2011

Deceased - As The Weird Travel On

Deceased is one of those bands that have always stood out from the crowd with their brand of uniquely crafted death metal full of NWOBHM melodies and thrashtastic shredding. To be honest, I didn't even know this album existed until I stumbled onto it while browsing Nuclear War Now's webstore. After giving it numerous listens the infectious opening track practically embedded itself into my brain with its catchy nature and awesome song-writing. Soon I had this album playing at least every day. The sound on this album is admittedly somewhat of a departure from their older material but definitely not a step in the wrong direction. With the mixture of phantasmal guitars, tedious drumming and vocals that seem a LOT like those you'd find on a Napalm Death album (stupid to compare the two but being a life-long ND fan I can't help but hear the similarities). If you're looking for some hard-hitting Death Metal with a stupendous sense for melody and old school sensibilities then this is for you!


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