Friday, January 14, 2011

I rarely make posts like this but I find it pretty relevant to my situation. The state of Michigan's local music scene, in particular Lake Orion, Clarkston, Rochester and Waterford. The bands in this area seem to treat music like a fucking sport. The more fans you have, the more bands you've opened for, the more fake myspace fans you have; it's all supposed to correlate directly to how 'good' you are. Well that's a right out fucking lie. The best bands I've seen have been in 12x12 crawlspaces with 10 people in attendance (including members of other bands playing). I know playing basements and driveways isn't 'glamorous' but if you value local music as much as I do, then shows like that are an integral part of your existence. What happened to brotherhood and camaraderie that came with playing music together in shitty little dives? What happened to pride in local music? Cool, your favorite local band just got big. Support the smaller ones still crawling out of the primordial soup. I can't tell you how many bands I've played in and with that have made awesome music but couldn't find an audience because we weren't in with the 'hip crowd'. Fuck being hip, fuck being cool. This is a war cry to everyone in Lake Orion to come together as musicians and support one another in these youthful adventures because at the end of the day what ELSE do you have to do? From this post forward I will be posting dates for local shows and hopefully accompanying them with reviews and pictures.


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