Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ed Gein - Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters

Ed Gein is one of those bands that have always 'been' to me. I remember just getting into heavy music at a young age and reading about them all over the internet and seeing them on bills with bands I wanted to go see. So for me, I guess there was this inevitable air of 'you're going to end up listening to these guys whether you like it or not'. Eventually 'Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters' appeared in the Used Record pile at my local music shoppe and lo' and behold it was only $3.99. So after picking it up at the tender age of 14 I remember being absolutely torn to shreds by the amount of pure savagery and disgusting guitar tone on this record. Batshit riffs slice through a tumult of frantic drums and a cacophony of varied vocal styles (later I learned that this was because the band had no vocalist. Instead, every band member was a vocalist). Absolute musical insanity and sadly it seems that quite a few people have forgotten them. Well, for the sake of remembrance and for the sake of nostalgia why don't you go ahead and let your head spin to this for a while.


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