Friday, January 14, 2011

Sinister (Hol) Discography

"But BROSEPH!" you cry "Why haven't you been posting any Death Metal as of late? Has your faith in the brutal art been shaken?" to which I reply: no, I've just been neglecting my collection. Well let's fix that. How about we break out some awesome bands that you should have? LIIIIIKE Sinister. These guys should be in your library if you consider your fan of the Euro Death scene or Death Metal in general. Have at it because it's everything I've got.

Perpetual Damnation Demo

Putrefying Remains/Spiritual Immolation EP

Split with Monastery

Sacramental Carnage Demo

Self-Titled EP

Cross The Styx

Diabolical Summoning


Bastard Saints EP

Aggressive Measures

Creative Killings

Savage or Grace


The Silent Howling

The Blood Past Demo/Best of Compilation
(Because you need 10,000 versions of Perpetual Damnation and Putrefying Remains)

Legacy of Ashes

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