Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oxbow - An Evil Heat

Sweet sickening sounds crooning and cawing over the thicket and crick. Sexual and writhing like a bucket of snakes slathered in seminal fluid. Primal, hot and sticky; this ain't your gran'pappy's rock n' roll and this ain't that pussy shit you hear on the radio, this here is an adventure into the psyche where your imaginary fuck buddies hang out. You know that chick with the big juicy ass that picks all the right clothes to bend over in? She's there. You know the hot black guy that works the counter at the Raider's store? He's there. You know the punk chick at the show with the apple bottom and sexy paper-thin legs? She's there. It's one big fuckfest in your brain and here's the catalyst. Dirty. Sleazy. Nasty. Sweaty.


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